The Sword of Truth

world, separation, fear, force, effort, achieve, earn, prove, become, resent, complain, blame, pride, doing, looking, compare, duality, seeking, pursuit, thinking, judging, past, future, wanting, dreams, hopes, glamour OR Truth, Unity, Love, All, Being, Seeing, Beauty, Light, Simple, Awake, Now, Here, Breath, Power, Heaven on Earth So I learned to ask every single thought that comes … Continue reading The Sword of Truth

Source of all conflict

Because we live many lives, some of past, others of future Because we build too many stories Because we mistakenly perceive the natural tension Upon which the world is built, Because we are dreaming Dreams of conquests. Because parts of our souls are still trapped in stories, all kinds of conflicts inside ourselves arise. How … Continue reading Source of all conflict

The Beautiful One ~ do you know him?

“I fell in love.” “With whom? Do I know him?” “I don't know. Possibly. You meet him every day, everywhere.” “Then I surely know him.” “He is The Beautiful Human. He appears with different faces, different personalities. He lives in all social conditions, either professing or doing the blue collar work. Do you know him? … Continue reading The Beautiful One ~ do you know him?

The Natural State ~ an experiential meditation workshop I offer in Sibiu

Stability. Balance. Harmony. Certainty. Relaxation. Calm. Natural. Wellness. Appreciation. Admiration. Enchantment. Wonder. Eagerness. Home. Starting from the ancient practice of meditation, we explore different variations until we discover your optimum personal method of reentering into your natural state of wellbeing. Practiced each morning and in key moments of your day, your own method of rebalancing … Continue reading The Natural State ~ an experiential meditation workshop I offer in Sibiu