It is the light

Many moments pass, seemingly lost forever in the bottomless abyss of unconscious. Some moments stay forever. After thirty years, I still remember that particular moment of that particular day. There was nothing special about that moment. How? As years went by, other forever seconds appeared and joined what I thougth them to be “sweet childhood … Continue reading It is the light

To whose pain am I medicine?

Living heaven on earth, happily ever after, fully feeling every moment … for this complete inner peace is necessary. For inner peace, complete stillness is necessary. For stillness, complete acceptance of what is here now is necessary. For acceptance, complete inner silence is necessary. For inner silence, complete stop of all thinking is necessary. For … Continue reading To whose pain am I medicine?

Create Time and Space and The Next Best Thing

Some thoughts In the process of preparing the meditation workshop, I have come to ask myself “what do I love to create”. “Moments” the answer appeared immediately. It was the voice of my feminine self. “And spaces”, my masculine self replied. When at least some space in the mind is cleared, a (new) moment may … Continue reading Create Time and Space and The Next Best Thing