NEW REALITY ~ Awake within the dream

Welcome to the new reality where transparency of unperishable spiritual living awareness and materiality of transient visible touchable world are both sensed and perceived at the same time. Duality has merged into oneness. While the two realms have two distinct purposes, the spiritual with joy of being and seeing purpose, the material with joy of … Continue reading NEW REALITY ~ Awake within the dream

A new world isn’t made. A new world may only be birthed.

A new world isn’t made. A new world may only be birthed. We, enlighten parents, are unable to know anything about the new world to come, as we are unable to see clearly, given our conditioned brains. We, enlighten parents, will give birth to new children, the people of the new world. We, enlighten parents, … Continue reading A new world isn’t made. A new world may only be birthed.


atoms and strings bytes and pixels all things old are coming apart don’t fret hold my hand we don’t need a world our hearts entangled open a portal where existence and nonexistence merge you and I, in and out of love, it’s this dance of life birthing a new world around us. ©️A. Garden, September … Continue reading Entangled

The vertical journey

The vertical journey humans take starting from this point of existence here and now, Traveling up up into  the more and more  rarified space of atmosphere and higher astral to the moon and sun through solar systems galaxies  and further up  towards the edge of the universe which I, consciousness, made, and yet a little … Continue reading The vertical journey