Let I be ~ a daily prayer

I was mistaken I thought ... I believed ... I wanted ... I was mistaken Let I be Let I be glad I exist Let I be glad I don’t exist Let I be glad I exist Let I be glad I don’t exist Only light Only darkness  Only light  Let I be ©️A. Garden, … Continue reading Let I be ~ a daily prayer

Existence vs. Nonexistence

To be or not to be. Existence or Nonexistence. Point or space. Viewing space from a point or viewing the point from space. Point: striving for permanent existence Space: alert awareness Point: striving to draw more attention energy to itself Space: noticing what takes place Point: striving to gather and concentrate more energy into itself … Continue reading Existence vs. Nonexistence


What is more beautiful, more desirable than that which does not exist? That which is even beyond imagination, beyond thoughts, beyond time,  so very close that is more "me" than even myself. What else deserves more than a glimpse? Andreea Garden, Nov. 2015   Image credits : Google Images