cessation of chatter, the vaccine against common madness

observe what chattering thoughts do to brain observe how they slice through, smaller and smaller divisions, nanoparticules of separated matter observe how brain feels observe how confusion and insanity increases conclude : a vaccine against insanity must be cessation of chattering Spontaneous unlimited action emerges from seeing the truth. Natural joy resumes. https://youtu.be/gUnK_xeUPgg

Observe the Human Ego ~ either Love, either thought

Observe the thought and all its contraptions. The human Ego. Thought contraptions of safety, survival, security. Thought contraptions of connecting to natural environment and to other beings. Thought contraptions related to desires and so called free will. Thought contraptions responsible for emotions, sorrow and worry. Thought contraptions related to word expression of thoughts. Thought contraptions … Continue reading Observe the Human Ego ~ either Love, either thought