A community of steadily burning hearts

Moving beyond thought does not take you into nothing. “Nothing” or “void” are also thought made concepts. Move beyond “nothing” thought. Even scientists discovered that vacuum space is not actually empty. Seeing through the eyes of a small child, before thought modified their seeing, seeing the plethora of energies and lights buzzing around, seeing the … Continue reading A community of steadily burning hearts

May all be well and happy ~ feels good being here

This is why the effectiveness of vaccination is a fact. Here, in the field of certainty we all share and love, what is is and cannot ever not be, and what is dream, veils, deceptions and illusions dissipate like smoke in the clear blue sky. We all share the immediate actual certainty of the solid … Continue reading May all be well and happy ~ feels good being here

Contemporary Creators ~ Bjarke Ingels

I love beholding the creator at work. I love listening to his ideas and philosophy. I love enjoying the completed masterpiece. Bjarke Ingels does not compromise but melds pleasing design, leisurely lifestyle and sustainability. He created Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) Architecture firm, with head office in Copenhagen. BIG proved that architecture means more than designing … Continue reading Contemporary Creators ~ Bjarke Ingels

Let the target be joy

   Dear friends, I have a zillion ideas and projects I'm working on. It's been fun flying solo in this journey of self-discovery, yet now I seem to seek more and more ways of mixing it up. I would love to collaborate with vibrant-present-lifeloving-"doing it just because is fun" attitude people. I know, I know, … Continue reading Let the target be joy