Friend, this is my message

What is my message, friend? My message is this: you are Life. The best thing in this universe ... and in the next universe. Life. All there is, all there was and all there will ever be, in this universe and in all other parallel universes. You are It. You are all of It. Entire … Continue reading Friend, this is my message


atoms and strings bytes and pixels all things old are coming apart don’t fret hold my hand we don’t need a world our hearts entangled open a portal where existence and nonexistence merge you and I, in and out of love, it’s this dance of life birthing a new world around us. ©️A. Garden, September … Continue reading Entangled

I’m Life in love with Life

Speak the truth “I’m Life in love with Life” “I’m Life in love with whom is in love with Life,  with whom knows being Life” “I am You” When the happy dream is over Let all dreams be over. Smiling at the silliness Of shadows playing On veils like film tapes When veils fall When … Continue reading I’m Life in love with Life

Planet Garden and the House of Light ~ a children’s story

There is a beautiful planet garden Somewhere in space. In this garden there is a house A house of light, where joy and peace reign. Inside the house live Mother and Father and their children. Inside the house, A great bountiful table Filled with fruits of the orchards and gardens. One day, some children ask … Continue reading Planet Garden and the House of Light ~ a children’s story