Source of all conflict

Because we live many lives, some of past, others of future Because we build too many stories Because we mistakenly perceive the natural tension Upon which the world is built, Because we are dreaming Dreams of conquests. Because parts of our souls are still trapped in stories, all kinds of conflicts inside ourselves arise. How … Continue reading Source of all conflict

She Breathes ~ A Poem by Andreea Garden

  She Breathes   From childhood she has been seeking something she could not name not even imagine. Colors of the sunset, waves of the ocean, music of the heart, a voice of an angel, books of holy words, gardens of wonder, sweet reminders of Home. This child could fly. Then ... she grew up. … Continue reading She Breathes ~ A Poem by Andreea Garden

I feel … Peace, Breath, Love

I feel ... ... My inbreath contracts the universe in a point. ... My outbreath births and expands the galaxies. ... You are just another version of me, only apparently different. ... The world is like a stage where I play my favourite insane role in my own story. ... Fear is forgetting all about … Continue reading I feel … Peace, Breath, Love