Awake or dreaming?

"Are you awake or are you dreaming? The psychological self bubble is a dream. As a dream pops, state of awakeness is restored. It feels as if the entire world has disappeared, taking away even the hard surface under the feet, together with feet and with body and with the “I” idea. There is just … Continue reading Awake or dreaming?

Existence vs. Nonexistence

To be or not to be. Existence or Nonexistence. Point or space. Viewing space from a point or viewing the point from space. Point: striving for permanent existence Space: alert awareness Point: striving to draw more attention energy to itself Space: noticing what takes place Point: striving to gather and concentrate more energy into itself … Continue reading Existence vs. Nonexistence

Just say “Hello, Life!”

Remember You are Life You are eternal You are truly beautiful You are enough You are real Don't give in to impressions Sensorial or abstract concepts These are nothing more than fantasies, make-believes, stories, magic shows designed by ego-mind to distract your attention And kill your spirit. It might seem ego-mind is successful in the … Continue reading Just say “Hello, Life!”

Immeasurable enchantment ~ from Krishnamurti’s Notebook

"28th Yesterday we were walking along the favourite road beside the noisy stream, in the narrow valley of dark pine trees, fields with flowers and in the distance the massive snow-covered covered mountain and a waterfall. It was enchanting, peaceful and cool. There, walking, that sacred blessing came, a thing that one could almost touch, … Continue reading Immeasurable enchantment ~ from Krishnamurti’s Notebook

Observe the Human Ego ~ either Love, either thought

Observe the thought and all its contraptions. The human Ego. Thought contraptions of safety, survival, security. Thought contraptions of connecting to natural environment and to other beings. Thought contraptions related to desires and so called free will. Thought contraptions responsible for emotions, sorrow and worry. Thought contraptions related to word expression of thoughts. Thought contraptions … Continue reading Observe the Human Ego ~ either Love, either thought

Could the human psyche become natural, more like life?

When I am in nature, I don’t feel the urge to consume constantly. No need to constantly munch like a caterpillar, no need to mentally ingest ideas and images, neither through senses from the outter world, neither through daydreaming, from inner world. What happens to the human psyche when consuming comes to a complete stop? … Continue reading Could the human psyche become natural, more like life?