Origin of madness and spirituality in a nutshell

At the origin of madness is where the shift must take place. Failing to accept the temporary and illusive nature of I/ego is the mother of all fears and the origin of all egomind generated madness and hell. Enlightenment and spirituality in a nutshell: come to terms with the illusive nature and inevitable termination of … Continue reading Origin of madness and spirituality in a nutshell

Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Let the dream unfold as all dreams do. Let the human experience evolve from dark, constricted, small, isolated to bright, unlimited, global, unified. Unlimited information. Unlimited energy. Unlimited physical health. Unlimited knowledge. Unlimited experience. All these, human is destined to enjoy. Potential fulfilled. Will living all experiences bring about happiness and serenity? Do you need … Continue reading Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Life is NOT a stage, we are NOT actors

Dear Scriptwriter/PlayDirector/HistoryMaker It must be quite the shock for you nowadays not having any people left to play the parts in your myths. Slowly, they all realized they can simply quit their roles you assigned for them in your play, go home and resume real living. No one to play the commoner/servants, no one to … Continue reading Life is NOT a stage, we are NOT actors

One must do the inner work first ~ writing

Again, I feel like running away, hidding in the forest, far away from all human craziness. But my heart says “stay, salvation is here, you must trust it”. There is no place to run and hide away from yourself. All this takes place in you. You and only you can know and manage you. There … Continue reading One must do the inner work first ~ writing

The Shift

At night, creatures of the night blindly roam the earth, while creatures of light sleep. During daylight, time of the Sun, the earth belongs to creatures of the light alone. Creatures of the night must hide and find their suited dark environment underground for sleep. However, At dawn, for few moments, night creatures still linger … Continue reading The Shift

The big box ~ a creation myth

Somehow a little box fell onto Living Planet. It wasn’t much to pay attention to. Living inhabitants couldn’t see any use of it so they left it there and continued their life. It was an error, an aberration, ... soon to be corrected; then it would dissolve. But it wasn’t corrected right away, somehow. It … Continue reading The big box ~ a creation myth

The vertical journey

The vertical journey humans take starting from this point of existence here and now, Traveling up up into  the more and more  rarified space of atmosphere and higher astral to the moon and sun through solar systems galaxies  and further up  towards the edge of the universe which I, consciousness, made, and yet a little … Continue reading The vertical journey