The Big Game

“Hello, Life Player! We, Theo and Mira, the creators of The Big Game, greet you! Congratulations for deciding to take part in Life’s joy of being! It’s the best game in this entire Universe. It’s the game Life is playing. You get to feel and join in the fun Life has. Let us begin your … More The Big Game

Imagining feelings

The feeling of imagining a feeling it might surpass in intensity and pleasure a present actual feeling, but it can never crystalize to turn into a permanent jewel of memory. Spirituality for Fun ~ Andreea Garden, July 2016 Image credit: Google Images

Hey! Wanna Play?

   Image credits: Google Images To my sons Hey! Wanna play? When the search is over And you know it all, Want a game? Don’t sit undecided Your mind gets confused This or the other No difference. You loose.  Don’t listen to voices Telling you what to do Throw your hands in the air And … More Hey! Wanna Play?

Friend or Foe?

   Play or control? Discover or conquer? Love or prove something? Andreea Garden, Dec. 2015

Words I live by

   Love Flow Ease Light Surrender Grace Friend Play Feel Garden Walk Sea Color Sound Life Breathe Serendipity By Andreea Garden, Nov. 2015 Image credit: Google Images