atoms and strings bytes and pixels all things old are coming apart don’t fret hold my hand we don’t need a world our hearts entangled open a portal where existence and nonexistence merge you and I, in and out of love, it’s this dance of life birthing a new world around us. ©️A. Garden, September … Continue reading Entangled

Let the very right possibility exist

I let peace on earth be possible I let people of paradise be possible I let play with angels be possible I let complete recovery be possible I let a good life for all be possible I let growth and expansion in peace be possible I let being conscious creators of worlds be possible I … Continue reading Let the very right possibility exist

Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams

Yesterday, my husband cooked while I was busy planting blueberry, raspberry, black currant and red currants. It's a real green rainy birds chirping puppies jumping spring here in center Romania. Much expected and anticipated spring, loaded with gardening plans and dreams of summer flowers, friends parties on patio and crunchy flavorful vegetables. Could be overwhelming … Continue reading Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams