Let us remember

Let us remember we are made of particles held together by light. Let us remember particles and light live forever. Let us remember we share one reason for being human: Joy. Let us remember these stay true for those who have forgotten. Let us remember what matters is remembering the knowing of ourselves as pure … Continue reading Let us remember

The Sword of Truth

world, separation, fear, force, effort, achieve, earn, prove, become, resent, complain, blame, pride, doing, looking, compare, duality, seeking, pursuit, thinking, judging, past, future, wanting, dreams, hopes, glamour OR Truth, Unity, Love, All, Being, Seeing, Beauty, Light, Simple, Awake, Now, Here, Breath, Power, Heaven on Earth So I learned to ask every single thought that comes … Continue reading The Sword of Truth

JUST DO IT NOW ~ paradigm shift in a nutshell and how to do it now

The paradigm shift, put simply, is a POWER SOURCE SHIFT. CURRENTLY, human’s perception, thinking, speaking and action is POWERED BY INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL. Instinct of survival is experienced as FEAR of death, of poverty, of being controlled (loss of freedom). This instinct of conserving one’s current form, EXACERBATED by the power of THINKING which only … Continue reading JUST DO IT NOW ~ paradigm shift in a nutshell and how to do it now