Thoughts as residues of perfect happiness occurence

How do thoughts form? What is the nature of thoughts? What is perfect happiness? It starts by witnessing a new spontaneous unexpected natural Life occurrence. The first thought “ego” forms by witnessing itself as a separated non-life entity, having its own separate existence. Next, ego begins naming and recording each new unexpected natural Life occurrence. … Continue reading Thoughts as residues of perfect happiness occurence

Bell curve ~ perspective on the current times

A certain percentage of people (usually about 20%, according to statistical normal distribution) STRONGLY BELIEVE in myths, religions, conspiracies and other thought-invented stories “to save the world”. The same 20% percentage, on the other end of the curve, are the science&technology people who STRONGLY BELIEVE in the thought-invented power of science and technology “to save … Continue reading Bell curve ~ perspective on the current times

Stories that teach and heal

“I am life” remembering who I am => the end of fear => awakening to the real world of joy. The sword of spirit vigilance separates real from fake/illusion.  The tyrannical fear-manipulating figure falls impotent as determined focused hero-people choose to turn away, withdraw attention from any fearful thought and let fake fear die. The … Continue reading Stories that teach and heal

Feel natural ~ calibrate to the natural state

Feel natural Calibrate to natural state Natural state feels like home Feels whole, completely restful Feels stable, rock-solid Feels like a cosy home nested in the forest Feels like nothing needing to be done Feels like falling in love Feels like an endless perfect vacation Ankles kissed by sea, hair playing with the breeze Hanging … Continue reading Feel natural ~ calibrate to the natural state

How to live: life sea and being existence on the count of one breath

When “I am”, the first thought, origin of all thoughts, willingly melts (by relaxing, softening, feeling) into the endless flowing sparkling Life Sea, like a multilayered field of colorful pixels and musical notes, the immersion is complete, no strings are left to attach to existence. Cleansing power of the Sea of nonexistence is complete. All … Continue reading How to live: life sea and being existence on the count of one breath

This is poetry of living

Hello. I am here, Universe!” she whispered. “Hello. I am here, Universe!” the Universe replied. What more glorious experience for I than the creative attempt of describing an invisible endless flowing sea of sparkling electricity. This “I am” can make sound and can assign meaning to sounds, inventing words. This “I am” invented the point … Continue reading This is poetry of living

Jumping timelines ~ a poem

I know you can feel the sea of beatitude all around. Therefore I know you see me, the simple single morning star in a blue universe. I see you, simple single evening star in the blue universe, shining joyfully. We are, as we’ve been before the beginning of time,  as we’ll remain, after the end … Continue reading Jumping timelines ~ a poem