How awareness shifts the world

Purpose of existence is joy, main activity is play. A sustainable world must align its foundations to these. The shift of human mentality, from struggle/survival-based mentality to creative/play mentality, must begin to reflect into world laws, education, health care, communication and business and all other organizations, institutions, all human mind-made conventions. We recognize that there … Continue reading How awareness shifts the world

The big box ~ a creation myth

Somehow a little box fell onto Living Planet. It wasn’t much to pay attention to. Living inhabitants couldn’t see any use of it so they left it there and continued their life. It was an error, an aberration, ... soon to be corrected; then it would dissolve. But it wasn’t corrected right away, somehow. It … Continue reading The big box ~ a creation myth

Don’t use your mind to reprogram your mind

Don’t use your mind to reprogram your mind. Your mind is alredy corrupted by non-true premises sourced from 3D perception of senses, the conventional reality. You have already discovered the unreliability of your perception. There are substances which may easily alter it. With an altered perception you continue to breathe and feel the aliveness you … Continue reading Don’t use your mind to reprogram your mind