Follow your bliss

Follow your bliss, and your bliss is that real deep exhilarating desire you keep denying or postponing.  Spirituality for Fun ~ Andreea Garden, June 2016 Image credit: Google Images

Daily Peaceful War

I choose to be a peaceful warrior.  I fight my war where it began: in my mind. Know who you are: Spirit Know your friend: Mind Know your enemy: Fear Stay and face it Only one decision “Off with your head!” Real Peace. Daily Peaceful War Andreea Garden, Dec. 2015 Images Credit : Alice in … More Daily Peaceful War

Happiness is daily facts like …

… having only some cash in my wallet, miscalculating when adding up groceries and at the counter desk having to pay EXACTLY the amount from my wallet (only a dime and nickel left … and the quarter from the shopping cart.) That’s REAL LIFE HAPPINESS! Someone is paying close attention!