(A little) Conversation with Life

Life and I, we are playing a game. It starts with a conversation. I ask Life a question. Life answers simply, if my question was right. If not, Life helps formulate my question until it is right. What “right question” means? It means relevant. Logical. Sensible. Honest. Based on actual real life experience, not on … Continue reading (A little) Conversation with Life

How to bake a strong and happy family, Life’s recipe

Dear Life, All I want for Christmas Is the recipe for Your most special cakes: The Family. Ingredients: man, in love woman, in love clear space a dream of a home and family Skills and tools needed: trust in Life following Life's guidance, one step at a time patience readiness for action trust in each … Continue reading How to bake a strong and happy family, Life’s recipe

Come, buy a Life loving heart

Come, Buy a Life loving heart. If you seek profit or to prove your righteousness, Go on, I have nothing. But if happiness is what you seek, There is no faster path Than loving Life. If logic is your friend, Just think: you didn’t make your hands, You didn’t make your eyes, Your didn’t make … Continue reading Come, buy a Life loving heart

She is your link or a simple short story of man’s fall

    The simple short story of man's fall Soon after Man cut himself off in a foolish attempt of creating life without the source of life, he discovered he may only survive if he takes, stealing really, the life energy of weaker organisms. Hence, the battles for supremacy, the necessity of competition in all … Continue reading She is your link or a simple short story of man’s fall

Meeting Place ~ a poem

  Meeting Place Dear man, Come as you are For a date with a woman Come tired, bored, Or sad, even uncertain. Come curious, clumsy, come aloof. Come frighten or disturbed by worldly news. Don’t think of anything to say, Don’t think of things to do. Just come. Come early. Sit and drink some tea. … Continue reading Meeting Place ~ a poem