The trickster

Photo by Thiago Rebouças on Unsplash My brother and I, we like to play this game.We call it “catch the trickster”. … this crazy funny silly confusing conflicting evil laughing … uhm … trickster. This trickster appears in each and every big or small human being, without exception. It teaches us about living life. Being … Continue reading The trickster

The purpose of the house

The purpose of building a cube of walls with a pyramid roof on top is to invite inside the Joy of being in the world. The purpose of the building is to give a frame of reference to the joyful unfolding of this particular moment/place.The purpose of the house is to become a home. The … Continue reading The purpose of the house

The Matrix and the Joy

Indeed the means for building the matrix we call human society or “the world” were given “from above” to the world builders, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, builders. The basic mathematical concepts, geometrical shapes and solids and all other concepts were received indeed by matrix builders from that Space of which they do not speak about. Any … Continue reading The Matrix and the Joy

Awareness awakening in a nutshell

Clip from Pixabay A child’s brain sees the real world of many dimensions. The 3D dimension needs to be artificially imprinted into children’s brain and sustained through repetition of various beliefs in order to appear as real to the new human’s senses. This 3D mechanism is the projector which broadcasts “the world” through selective and … Continue reading Awareness awakening in a nutshell

Look again

I said “Love,there is this monstrous realm of guilt and fearwhere things with teeth and claws feed forever.”“Are you absolutely certain?” Love asked“Look again” Love gently guided,“here, use my eyes, let’s look together”I breathed deeply and soften into Love.I looked. I couldn’t see it anywhere.All I could see were clouds.Objects made of particles,bodies made of … Continue reading Look again

Split-second choosing ~ remembering to discern the real from the rest

Ego uses the body to increase pain of guilt and fear. Life uses the body to increase joy of being and doing. Now, and in every moment, you choose who reigns your moment. One is delusional, the other is real. This is discernment. Life happens here, in this timeless instant. It takes a split of … Continue reading Split-second choosing ~ remembering to discern the real from the rest

Long covid, chronic fatigue syndrome and the end of doing

Long covid is a condition similar to chronic fatigue syndrome. You simply cannot do much any longer. Is this an adaptive physical transformation? Young generations are obviously not inclined towards much active physical doing. They clearly see how all doing destroys the earth. True living happens in the mind. Because you are not a body. … Continue reading Long covid, chronic fatigue syndrome and the end of doing