Rising, a poem

Come, take my hand and let us rise  Infinite clear mind's new thought of joy appearing now Soul's loving wings of white and pink golden living light enveloping grace now Eternity slow moving birthing newness now Symmetry focusing intricate joy increasing details now Library of blissful memories  Enriching A. Garden, February 2023, please share the … Continue reading Rising, a poem

Getting real for real life

Clip from Pixabay So what to do? So cry out “I want absolute freedom I don’t want anything I think I want My infinite soul wants to feel absolutely alive Only absolute love is sufficiently satisfying Absolute beauty Absolute happiness absolute clarity absolute peace Absolute truth” all right here, one breath away. ~ * ~ … Continue reading Getting real for real life

you, in the wide white field of innocent mind

At the core of the mind, there is a wide white field of innocence.  You are there too. Happy and well, free and lightweight, we play, chase each other and make each other laugh, we sing silly songs with no regard for words or musical notes, never bored, we watch the colors of the worlds … Continue reading you, in the wide white field of innocent mind

Before the point and the circle

First, what has been done  must come undone, So let us undo meanings  of sounds and images. Let sounds just be sounds, images, just shapes and colors, let our thoughts fall in love. Nothing really matters as all is already perfect. Oh, the beautiful feelings that live in the clarity Eternal, sacred, beauty, what has … Continue reading Before the point and the circle

Dreams are made of thought and love

Thinking without love divides. Without love, thinking loses its purpose. Love is the purpose of thinking. Love is living in peace and joy. Peace, a warm and soft kind of peace, a sweet and fragrant kind of peace, a wholesome peace, a goldenwhite peace, a heart healing and mind restoring kind of peace, a tranquil … Continue reading Dreams are made of thought and love