Eventually overcoming human nature

Human nature Human biology Human DNA: the source of impulse towards effort and suffering “Multiply me” “Nest me” “Feed me” “Attack the other” “Guard me” “Please me” “Grow me bigger, bigger, bigger” “You are so awesome “ “You are useless” “Self-destruct now” “Suffering is human destiny” Like so speaks that piece of DNA which makes … Continue reading Eventually overcoming human nature

undoing and return to reality chant

May the double helix voice of thought be silent May all words be undone to meaningless sounds May all images be undone to meaningless shapes and colors May all body sensations dissipate like clouds in the wind of the breath May only Truth be heard May only Beauty be seen Reality of Love embraces all … Continue reading undoing and return to reality chant

Seek better experiencing

Mind creates experiences. Incessantly. Whether I like it or not. At times, I run away from experience, seeking silence and solitude. Meditation.Other times I seek more and more experiences, more and new, exciting, interesting. So I tame the Mind, make friends with it, asking It to show me only what is real. Human, instead of … Continue reading Seek better experiencing

One must do the inner work first ~ writing

Again, I feel like running away, hidding in the forest, far away from all human craziness. But my heart says “stay, salvation is here, you must trust it”. There is no place to run and hide away from yourself. All this takes place in you. You and only you can know and manage you. There … Continue reading One must do the inner work first ~ writing

The vertical journey

The vertical journey humans take starting from this point of existence here and now, Traveling up up into  the more and more  rarified space of atmosphere and higher astral to the moon and sun through solar systems galaxies  and further up  towards the edge of the universe which I, consciousness, made, and yet a little … Continue reading The vertical journey

Bored by skimming the surface of reality? Try diving a little deeper

Bored by skimming the surface of reality? Try diving a little deeper. Dear Humanity, Him, the masculine, managed to anger Her, the feminine part of the dance of Egomind/Illusion realm.  Her, the caring, patient, nurturing mother,  Her, the loving, supportive, passionate wife,  Her, the natural, spontaneous, dreamy, romantic, whimsical girl the irrationality of Her stirred … Continue reading Bored by skimming the surface of reality? Try diving a little deeper

already here and yet keeps coming

Sh, be quiet mind! For you thinking is living. Let down your defenses, only for now. Trust a little and be quiet, only for a moment. Beloved Spirit of Aliveness is here,  Like a breeze breathing this chest Like a river beating this heart Like lightning impressing these eyes and senses and brain Like sweetness … Continue reading already here and yet keeps coming