May Your Spring Be Warm and Happy This is a wonderful romanian song I love to listen to (and hum to myself) each spring. Enjoy! 🌸🌱 "A Spring" Lyrics Dan Iagnov Music Dan V. Dumitriu Singer Angela Similea Time has passed A winter is gone, But I lost you afar Since forever it seems. In moments of silence I gathered so … Continue reading May Your Spring Be Warm and Happy

Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams

Yesterday, my husband cooked while I was busy planting blueberry, raspberry, black currant and red currants. It's a real green rainy birds chirping puppies jumping spring here in center Romania. Much expected and anticipated spring, loaded with gardening plans and dreams of summer flowers, friends parties on patio and crunchy flavorful vegetables. Could be overwhelming … Continue reading Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams