cessation of chatter, the vaccine against common madness

observe what chattering thoughts do to brain observe how they slice through, smaller and smaller divisions, nanoparticules of separated matter observe how brain feels observe how confusion and insanity increases conclude : a vaccine against insanity must be cessation of chattering Spontaneous unlimited action emerges from seeing the truth. Natural joy resumes. https://youtu.be/gUnK_xeUPgg

we could breathe

We are looking at ourselves Liking, loving or despising Caught in obsessive slicing. Could we stop? Even for one second, Could we freeze the picture? Could we seize the moment? Could we keep it as it is? Could we, for one second ... Breathe? ©️A. Garden December 24th 2019 https://youtu.be/iqgpdUC6iIE

Forms of Love ~ stop and feel might be enough

Love is what fills space Love is serene silence peace Love is nourishment for cells Love is brightness of the soul Love is gentle kindness of the heart Love is visions of hope and heaven Love is beauty beyond words at my fingertips Love is human interaction Love is nature’s gifts of fruits and food … Continue reading Forms of Love ~ stop and feel might be enough