Nature’s Mind

Eternal flowing infinity  Greater and greater Tinier and tinier  All the same Eternal flowing infinity The Point, unheard of In eternal flowing infinity  Just look or ask Nature “show me a point” “Nowhere to be found among Living, just look closer and see a blotch“ “what about a line?” “no line found within Living, just … Continue reading Nature’s Mind

Impossible questions I ask before breakfast

What are thoughts? Where do they arise from? What are they made of? What are they for, what is their purpose? Can thought inquire into the nature of thought? How does an over processed thought feel like? How does an original new thought feel like? Can thought look beyond the edge of thought? What is … Continue reading Impossible questions I ask before breakfast

The boxes of men

What would the world be without straight lines? What would freedom be without mazes? What would men be without boxes? Categories? Hierarchies? Levels? Stages? Mechanisms? Models? Theories? Systems? Programs? Stories? Magic shows? Constructions? What would Life be without games? The excitement of being lost and finally found, of being trapped then finally freed, of speeding … Continue reading The boxes of men

cessation of chatter, the vaccine against common madness

observe what chattering thoughts do to brain observe how they slice through, smaller and smaller divisions, nanoparticules of separated matter observe how brain feels observe how confusion and insanity increases conclude : a vaccine against insanity must be cessation of chattering Spontaneous unlimited action emerges from seeing the truth. Natural joy resumes.

This is a thought ~ a poem about thinking and clearing old thoughts

Is it in your mind? Is it formed of words and images? Does it describe a problem? Does it solve a problem? Does it make you feel some kind of emotion? It is a thought. Man’s favorite toy. Man discovered thinking is much fun, making life easier because thoughts make objects. And it was true. … Continue reading This is a thought ~ a poem about thinking and clearing old thoughts