Observe the Human Ego ~ either Love, either thought

Observe the thought and all its contraptions. The human Ego. Thought contraptions of safety, survival, security. Thought contraptions of connecting to natural environment and to other beings. Thought contraptions related to desires and so called free will. Thought contraptions responsible for emotions, sorrow and worry. Thought contraptions related to word expression of thoughts. Thought contraptions … Continue reading Observe the Human Ego ~ either Love, either thought

Asking impossible questions in Wonderland

Is it possible to dwell simply in nature, without complicated protective structures and contraptions and technologies, without any effort to grow or hunt and preserve necessary nourishment; to observe to understand nature, its laws and ways of being. Dissolve all personality (ego, psyche) attributes. Relate sanely, without ego, without center. Becoming part of nature. Is … Continue reading Asking impossible questions in Wonderland

What is thought?

Is life possible without thought? Obviously. Animals live before thought. Sages live beyond thought. Sages know thought. Animals don't. Sages see and understand thought. Animals don't. (Animals sense in humans the mood produced by a certain thought). Sages hold the entire human psyche (manifested as "the world") in the palm of their hand, constantly observing … Continue reading What is thought?

This is a thought ~ a poem about thinking and clearing old thoughts

Is it in your mind? Is it formed of words and images? Does it describe a problem? Does it solve a problem? Does it make you feel some kind of emotion? It is a thought. Man’s favorite toy. Man discovered thinking is much fun, making life easier because thoughts make objects. And it was true. … Continue reading This is a thought ~ a poem about thinking and clearing old thoughts