What is the world and looking beyond, an invitation for daily play with Life

The masters of experiencesail the treacherous fabric of spacetime and reach the peaceful clear waters of pure awareness, the reality of being.Here, the game of real living effortlessly unfolds. Now. Thought made objects. The collection of all objects is commonly called “the world”.Thought made perception by assigning concepts to natural phenomena observed. Thought assigned conceptual … Continue reading What is the world and looking beyond, an invitation for daily play with Life

Human Interaction, three possible versions

Interaction timeline, version 1 You:  thought-thought-thought-breath-thought-thought-thought- breath- The other:  thought-thought-breath-thought-thought-breath-thought-thought- Interaction timeline, version 2 You: breath-feel-innerchildsmile-breath-feel-extend-breath-feel-innerchildsmile-breath-feel-extend The other: innerchildsmile-feel-breath-extend-breath-feel-innerchildsmile-feel-breath-extend-breath-feel Interaction timeline, version 3 You: thought-thought-thought-breath-thought-thought-thought-breath- The other: innerchildsmile-feel-breath-extend-breath-feel-innerchildsmile-feel- Notice the synchronisation or coherence that occurs at a certain moment of the timeline. © A. Garden, April 2022

Dear thought-man, please remember the day

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash Dear thought-man, Don’t you remember the day you decided to be someone who makes history? His story! Or at least participate to the making of history. Do you really want this story you made?  Come! It’s not too late! Shake off the remains of your nightmare! Take your beloved … Continue reading Dear thought-man, please remember the day

A community of steadily burning hearts

Moving beyond thought does not take you into nothing. “Nothing” or “void” are also thought made concepts. Move beyond “nothing” thought. Even scientists discovered that vacuum space is not actually empty. Seeing through the eyes of a small child, before thought modified their seeing, seeing the plethora of energies and lights buzzing around, seeing the … Continue reading A community of steadily burning hearts

Breathe, feel Being playing

How silly to believe thought is real. How silly to waste time looking at all the things thought made, all the worlds, including the thought-taught way of seeing nature, including the thought-taught way of seeing the universe. Ah, glowing heart! Reach out! Make hearts happy for no reason!Impetuous spirit! Fly free! Unveil the real world! For … Continue reading Breathe, feel Being playing

Sustainable Happiness, daily practice

sustainable happiness sustainable happiness ~ Daily practice ~  all thoughts belong inside a tiny black box in this cheerful silence standing still playfully observe subtle swaying movements space breathing loving being life ©️A. Garden, November 22, 2021 Read this little insight on Sustainable Happiness

choose again today ~ daily meditation

If I am willing to allow the possibility that every thought 💭 ever thought by everyone since always is a dream that vanished in an instant. If I remember I don’t know anything for certain. I am willing to STOP all doing, for now, I remember to breathe and say the only thing I know … Continue reading choose again today ~ daily meditation

masculine feminine integration, world healing conversation

For those willing to look at what is really happening. For those ready to take responsibility for mistakenly seeing tricky thoughts as reality. Here is looking at the masculine feminine dynamics at play, within each of our relationships, and in the world at large as well, where the people are the feminine principle and the … Continue reading masculine feminine integration, world healing conversation