This February, may we choose Love

seeing souls This February, may eight billion humans remember their hearts, the portals towards true love, Soul's love.  May eight billion brain neurons find their direct connection with the heart center and work together to keep it open and happy.  Say "yes" to certainty. Say "loving feels good". Say "thank you".  We love discovering we … Continue reading This February, may we choose Love

To real freedom and peace and to finding the treasure

Prerequisite no 1: you truly completely deeply want peace and freedom (and the real treasure) above all else.Prerequisite no 2: at all times, speak the truth and be aware of the mind inventing, imagining. Now, say “this situation bothers me”.True statement no 1: this situation began at one point in time.True statement no 2: this … Continue reading To real freedom and peace and to finding the treasure

Is this the truth?

“Love Being Life” All (real) life forms speak the truth. Or, the say “I don’t know”. Pinocchio (egomind) speaks only lies.So, the primary question is “who are you?” If the answer is not “love being life, here now”, it’s Pinocchio talking. The correct question to anything he says is “is that a fact? Is this … Continue reading Is this the truth?

Individual honest self talk, becoming fully conscious

Photo by Mitchel Griest on Unsplash To be quite honest, I don’t really fully understand the meaning of what I see or hear. Then, what makes me jump so quickly to passing judgment? What makes me choose to believe something is wrong? ©️A. Garden, October 2021. Please share 😊🙏🏻🕊.

Now, we know ourselves. The beginning of conscious living

World renovation starts with community renovation. Community renovation starts with family renovation. Family renovation starts with man-woman relationship renewal. Both man and woman must be conscious now. The age of conditioned behavior has passed. “You are a man, you must be strong, you must build the house, must bring home the bacon, must fight to … Continue reading Now, we know ourselves. The beginning of conscious living

Congratulations, Human!

Congratulations, Human! You discovered the absolute certainty of the ultimate reality, the all encompassing awareness, the unconditional happiness of being, the everlasting beauty of the eternal moment, the oneness of the consciousness/mind you all share, hence, made obsolete all need for any sort of believing. You discovered that science is the joyful endeavor of clearly … Continue reading Congratulations, Human!

The Matrix and the Joy

Indeed the means for building the matrix we call human society or “the world” were given “from above” to the world builders, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, builders. The basic mathematical concepts, geometrical shapes and solids and all other concepts were received indeed by matrix builders from that Space of which they do not speak about. Any … Continue reading The Matrix and the Joy