Quality of the human mind. Can I trust my brain?

Is your brain clear? Fresh? Natural? Is your thinking straight? Real? Aligned to Life? Doubting the quality of human brain might get us some valuable insights. Ever wonder why those early childhood years are happiest times of our lives? What happens to the human brain at age 6 or even earlier?  Social conditioning. Social conventions … Continue reading Quality of the human mind. Can I trust my brain?

Before the point and the circle

First, what has been done  must come undone, So let us undo meanings  of sounds and images. Let sounds just be sounds, images, just shapes and colors, let our thoughts fall in love. Nothing really matters as all is already perfect. Oh, the beautiful feelings that live in the clarity Eternal, sacred, beauty, what has … Continue reading Before the point and the circle

The world = images + words

The world = images + words This image is made of meaningless pixels This word is made of meaningless sounds The ego is made of meaningless sensations and tiny elements of space Let pixels drift apart Let sounds drift apart Let sensations fall apart Easy gentle as breathing May particles return to space Only space … Continue reading The world = images + words